1869 | When India Faced the Worst

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1869 | When India Faced the Worst

1869 | When India Faced the Worst –

  • Director, writer: Gaurav Prabhakar.
  • Actor: Palak Kayath, Raghav Gurjargour.

India has faced the worst so many times, while in British rule and even after that. Likewise, year 1869 was the worst of the worst time for Rajsthan state. In 1868-69 the state of India called Rajasthan, faced a disaster that killed over 1.5 million people. Many wandered in search of food and water, until they left control on their bodies from starvation. “1869-When India Faced the Worst” is the short film, starring Palak Kayath and Raghav Gurjargour, young married couple leaves their house and starts looking for life i.e. water & food. The couple in this short film was officially selected in 5 International Film Festivals and won an award as well, as they’ve given their best. Their expressions and body language fulfil the need of emotions in the short film.

The short film is written and directed by Gaurav Prabhakar. This is the story of three unlikely witnesses who embark on a mysterious quest to make a piece of history. The short film has pleasantly surprised the audience with the unexpected twist, at that point everyone could think it’s all over and that’s it but, the sudden change in the flow of writing made the film positive and motivational. Writer and director must be appreciated for showcasing the short film very satisfyingly.

Talking about the camera and lights, scenes and expressions are well described, as we don’t need to stress our minds. As this short film is shot in the natural light, we don’t have too much to talk about. Even then, the use of lights has given the soul to the body of short film. The short film has no much dialogues but as many as there, they are preacher. Appearance of the characters are suitable as it’s a Rajsthani short film. That overall scenario takes us to the 1869.

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