5 Ramzan Special Foods!

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5 Ramzan special foods!

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, not even consuming water.According to the Islamic tradition, the basic purpose behind keeping a roza is to instill a sense of self restraint in oneself.The Iftar feast is literally a celebration of good food. After the fast, savouring the mouth watering delicacies is like a feast for your body and soul. Here are some of the Ramzan special foods:

1. Dum Biryani

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Dum Biryani is an emotion for many people. It is a one-pot dish of aromatic spices and delightful flavours – a result from slow cooking the ingredients in a sealed, heavy bottomed vessel. Mutton or chicken is marinated and cooked in spicy masala and then layered alternatively with rice.

2. Shahi Tukda

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This is one of the most favourite dessert. If you wish to try something sweet during Iftar, you should definitely try this. ‘Shahi Tukda’ also known as ‘Double ka Meetha’ is a delicious as well as indulgent delicacy, which also can be prepared very easily at home without putting in much efforts. It is prepared by frying small pieces of bread dipped in rabdi and served with chopped dry fruits.

3. Chicken Shammi Kebab

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These crispy and delicious kebab balls are easy-to-make and can be a perfect snack recipe. Juicy chicken pieces are minced and mixed with channa dal and a host of masalas. Work them up into patties and fry till crisp.

4. Paya Curry

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Paya is an Urdu word that denotes the trotter or foot. This recipe of Paya curry has sheep’s trotters, cooked in a luscious tomato-onion curry.It is best cooked slowly and for a longer time for the meat to get tender and acquire the best flavour.

5. Chicken Samosa

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This is one of the most amazing Ramadan recipes for Iftar. Chicken is marinated in tikka masala along with lemon juice and salt. Then it is used as stuffing and is deep fried till golden brown.

I am sure there are many different and variety of Iftar special foods. Tell us in the comments section below the Iftar special foods you know.
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