Best Social Media Management Tools

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Best social media management tools

Best Social Media Management Tools

There are many tools that come in handy in managing social media.

Grammerly  This is used to correct your English grammar.

Canva This is an application that already has many design templates that can be used to design good creatives.

Google Trends – On this website you can see what is being searched the most on Google right now.  These are mostly used to determine the title for a good article.

WordPress – If you want to build a website without paying, build it on WordPress.

Buffer / Hootsuit – These are some of the websites that post on all your social media pages at the time you want.

Lightroom / Snapseed – There are some apps that work to make your photos a little better.

Google Forms – This is great for collecting data as well as conducting surveys.

Vid IQ – This extension helps you to find out what people are searching for on youtube.

Google Alerts – This allows you to make sure that any new topics on a particular subject are sent to your mailbox.  I use it mostly for information on the changing algorithms of social media.

Mail Chimp – This helps you to send newsletters to a lot of people at once.

Inshot – This is a great app that helps you edit videos, add music and change frames.

Over – This is also an application like Canva that helps in making good designs easily.

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