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I have a vague memory of me standing in a line which seemed infinite and distant as I fell asleep deeper. Thousands were ahead of me and thousands behind. It was considerately chaotic. I was puzzled as I had absolutely no knowledge of the surroundings. I tried asking the same to adjacent people and none of them had a clue; the only answer I received was they were there because of the rest. The line was moving forward sluggishly. Nobody was tired of their upright position the whole day under the scorching Sun. Ages passed and I could now see something spectacular in front. Something brighter than diamonds. The magnificent sculpture stood there like a gold mammoth. I stretched my eyes out of the face and still could not look at it all at once.

The cue was hurriedly moving forward with everybody looking up and jaw dropped. No sooner I came closer than I realised that it wasn’t in fact a sculpture but a gate; a golden gate. There was an entry fee to go inside and the inside was looking prettier than Ross and Rachel’s fictional wedding. It was enticing and I literally wanted to run and see it. I could not take my eyes off of it. I paid the fee and ran like crazy. With my thumping heart and loosing breath, I stood in front of it. Oh! It looked so beautiful and there in front was the name of the place. You know what it said? In Bold, Italic and Capital the gate said “ENGINEERING”.

Oh My God! I was never ever in my life so tremendously happy. Ebullient; my peremptory feet followed my mind and I got inside. Now all awake and bright as a sunshine I thoughtisn’t this the best time of your life? No matter how you ended up there; you ought to have had a blast. Those four magical years can never be wiped out of the memory system even if we lose it, right? Everybody has their best memories of this period but I am pretty sure they stumble upon some basic mutual things such as ‘thodidaru, thodasuttaaurbahot sari chai’ just because I am a much bigger chai person than coffee. Engineering is such a sinuous phase; all of the life dramas happen here. The break up, the make-up, misery, ecstasy, bad ass hangovers, blunder dates, preposterous weekly gateways, from futile conversations to discussing ‘karma is a bitch’ and on and on and on. It’s difficult to just stop here as the list is like my anxious myriad thoughts. Technically it seems a waste of time as life hits us hard and later plummet down to zero but emotionally this the greatestand most exuberant time you could ever ask for.

Don’t you all agree? It’s true what they say, this is all temporary; the one thing that lasts and only one, the memories made while living our best life. My whole engineering flashed back as I thought to myself how settled my routine has become. Unheeding way of living. Engineering gave us everything, starting from friends to memories to regrets to hangovers and to blissful friendships. There is nothing better I could have done if I hadn’t done engineering. I can’t believe how much of life I would have missed. I just can’t imagine. A phone call from pain in the ass boss broke my thought which was now seeming like a mirage. Here’s to the best ever four years of our lives and a hope to meet people soon enough you had this blast with. Thank You Engineering for Everything. Like people I have certain regrets but you’re definitely not one of them.


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