Explore the unexplored

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Explore the unexplored

Every monsoon we want to go to all the beautiful places where we can see and experience nature at it’s best. But what usually happens is we fail to explore the unexplored places to travel in monsoon and we end up going to the same places. This monsoon let us follow our hearts and check out these beautiful unexplored places to travel in monsoon near Maharashtra

1. Ghangad Fort

Ghangad Fort

One of the oldest forts, the Ghangad Fort is an enchanting 300-year-old structure sitting in the middle of Tamini Ghats. It is located 30 km from Lonavala. Although not much is known about the fort, it is believed that Ghangad Fort was used for keeping prisoners and to scrutinise the trade route from Pune to Konkan. Aside of the trek to the fort’s head, the place is also popular as camping spot because of the caves and open areas; however, it’s not ideal to camp during the monsoon. It’s total height is 2500 feet above sea level.

2. Andharban

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“Andharban”, the word itself means dense dark forest. This is one of the most beautiful trek in Sahyadris. The best time to visit this place is during monsoon or post monsoon. In this trek, you descend for almost 4 hours and you are covered with dense forest and shade. En-route enjoy the waterfalls and awesome view of Kundalika valley. Here, we will be descending from Pune (Ghatmatha) to Konkan. This trek is also famous among nature lovers, shutterbugs for various species of Butterfly and flowers are there.

3. Anjaneri

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Anjanari fort is is famous for the birth place of “God Hanuman” and only place in world where you can find “Anjani Mata” temple . By recent information scientist found rare plant on Anjanari mountain which called “Anjanerika soparia” only available on this mountain, so will try to find this plant. Anjaneri fort is situated 20kms near Nasik Triambakeshvar range.

4. Patta


After the war at Jalna , Shivaji Maharaj reached Sangamner. The Moghuls got defeated in the battle with Shivaji and on 16th Nov 1679(6 months before death) Shivaji Maharaj arrived on the fort and rested here for a month to recover from prolong illness hence the fort got it’s name Vishramgad. In the year 1688 Matabarkhan had re-conquered this fort This fort was earlier known as Patta killa. The residents of this fort were called Pattekar. The forts like Alang , Madan , Kulang , Trimbak gad and Kalsubai peak are in the vicinity of Patta. From Patta fort one can keep watch on this complete region.Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has renamed this fort as Vishramgad.

5. Chanderi


Chanderi fort is situated in the center of the Matheran mountain range. At 790 metres, it is one of the highest points. There is a cave in its huge rock massif. The route up to the cave is a normal trekking route. From the cave, an exposed trail leads one to the topmost part of the fort. It is a risky climb in the rainy season. The view from the top is excellent. It was used as a watch-tower in olden days. A beautiful statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is situated on the top. For trekking to Chanderi, the base village is Chincholi (approachable from Badlapur & Vangani railway stations by road).

Let’s explore the unexplored this time. Enjoy this monsoon by travelling a lot. Stay safe, stay happy!

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