Mirchi and Mime

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Mirchi and Mime.

Mumbai… The city of dreams and yet the city never sleeps. This is the place where change comes first. And in this city of paradox there is a fine restaurant Mirchi and Mime. It was established in 2015 and is first of its kind. Now you all must be wondering what is so special about this place to call it first of its kind. So this is the first restaurant in India serves exclusively by speech & hearing-impaired service staff. But the skills they possess are exceptional. They have always done their work with sheer dedication. But the question arises that how will one place the order? In the menu card next to every dish are illustrations of how to act out its name using sign language. Diners, upon being seated at their table, are explained the drill by a server who can speak.

This is a new experience for every diner coming here. Mirchi & Mime is a restaurant with 88 seating capacity indoor, 18 seating outdoor area and a private dining area, serving cocktails, wines. Jumbo prawns, White Pepper Chicken and Dum biryani are must try here.

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