Sinhagad Fort

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Sinhagad. This name has so many stories associated with it. It carries a very brave history.This fort saw attacks by Mughals in 1662, 1663 and 1665. Formerly known as ‘Kondhana’. It was renamed by Shri Shivaji Maharaj when he found out that Tanaji Malusare was dead fighting the battle. He said ‘गड आला पण सिंह गेला’ and Kondhana was renamed as Sinhagad. This fort is located on an isolated cliff of the Bhuleswar range in the Sahyadri Mountains. It is situated on a hill about 760 metres above ground. and 1,312 metres above the sea level.

Sinhagad is a popular destination and this includes many travelling enthusiats. This is a popular weekend and trekking spots for many people around Pune. For trekkers we understand, but why is this a popular weekend destination? Well the reason is very simple. The food you get here is mouth watering. Garam garam Kanda bhaji, pithla bhakri, thecha, matka dahi are the show’s topper. Eat anywhere, all of them will always serve you with a smile on their face.

Must visit place in rainy season. So when are you planning your visit here? Tell us in the comments below!

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