Swaadey Aalladey, Hinjewadi Pune | An innovative successful experiment in food

By Somesh Nikam Restaurant review 2 Min Read

Swaadey aalladey: Benchmark of Taste!!!

“Swaadey Aalladey in Pune-Hinjewadi Phase 3, is an authentic place for foodies. They are always happy to serve guests from all over Pune with due respect.”

Every dish is so delicious here, you’ll want to come back. We promise you won’t regret it. Hotel Swaadey aalladey is located in the heart of Pune-Hinjewadi catering to all your tummy’s needs. Come enjoy our authentic dishes with your family and friends while you’re here.

Hotel Swaadey aalladey is for everyone – couples, families, friends, and solo travelers. It is perfect for any occasion and budget. They have delicious food like Bengali biryani, Cripsy chicken, Tirangi kabab, Fish tikka, Roti, Butter-naan and many more dishes. They also have a nice ambience with good entry and clean environment and much more.

A new taste of indian food right at the heart of Pune city! It is now open for business. Get ready to taste some of the best food in India, with dishes that are sure to please any palate. They also have a perfect ambiance for all occasions & events, clean environment, and many more things.

Swaadey Aalladey is at the customer service, All days a week from 9 AM to 10.30 PM

Some tasty Glimpses :

  1. Tirangi Kabab








2. Fish Tikka








3. Crispy Chicken



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