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Book: Who Moved My Cheese? – An Amazing Way to Deal with Change In Your Work and In Your Life

Author: Dr Spencer Johnson

Reading Time: 2 hours

 “Change is the only constant in the world.”

Yet many of us fail to recognize that. Who Moved My Cheese? is all about that change everyone faces at least once in their lifetime. In this dynamic world, only those people survive and succeed who change themselves with time. It looks simple at a glance for many of us but only a few know it’s hard to implement the change. The simple things are always difficult to get by. Who Moved My Cheese? will help you to anticipate, adapt and enjoy change.

Do read the prologue by Kenneth Blanchard (a co-author of ‘The One Minute Manager’, Dr Spencer Johnson’s another successful book). It’s a bit lengthy. It almost tells the story of Who Moved My Cheese. So shall I read farther or not?

Give it a try!

Who Moved My Cheese? is a lesson to move with your cheese. As this cheese symbolizes our goals, the maze is the place where you can accomplish those goals. The story goes along with four characters. If you have a hard time to accept the change or you have a habit of not changing at all, this book might help you. Put yourself in the shoes of the four characters and decide which one of them is you and/or which one you want to be.

The book can be generally divided into two parts-

  1. The Main Story
  2. The Discussion

The reader can decide which part is the most likeable. The language of the book is easy to understand. It’s not that long so can be finished in one sitting.

Best Time to Read:

As it is a self-help book, you can help develop your personality at any time. So, though it doesn’t need the Right Time to read, my recommendation is to read it in the daytime (Just don’t fall asleep when you are on it!). And finish it in one go, or else you would lose the track.

Why Read:

One liner lessons are awesome. The way they have been represented in the book look simple at first but you remember them anyway. If you love books on personality development or trying your best to deal with change, Who Moved My Cheese? can be the real help.

Why Not Read:

If you are a story-book lover and don’t like self-help books, better not go for it. The start will give you a really good sleep.


I’m not a self-help-book lover. So I found it a bit boring at first. I quite liked the second half though where the Discussion takes part. It’s a lesson for the lifetime. To summarize it, I’ll say it’s a one-time read.

So be a self-help-book lover or not, GO FOR IT!

-Book Review by ComfyOnTheSofa

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