Why were those crackers necessary?

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Why were those crackers necessary

Why were those crackers necessary?

Why were those crackers necessary? he was pregnant, helpless, and hungry. All she wanted to be some food for her baby. She was not sure whether or not she should wander the streets. But the little one in her belly kept saying, ‘Come on mommy, let’s go please’. She started searching for food to feed her little version. Little did she know there were devils dressed as humans. She came across people who fed her pineapple. Her baby rejoiced and said see mommy wasn’t I right?

When she ate the pineapple she felt something different. Till the time she realized what’s wrong the wrong had already happened. The crackers in the pineapple had burst in her belly taking the life of little one who was just hungry. She couldn’t bear the pain. The pain of losing her baby and the pain that the crackers had caused inside her. Despite all the happenings, she did not hurt any human. She stood in the river for two days before she took her last breath. But she didn’t attack a single person. So this makes me ask you one question do we really deserve these creatures?

Were those crackers really necessary? What was the problem in just feeding her pineapples instead of filling those up with crackers? Before doing such inhumane acts henceforth, just take a breath and think how karma can screw you up!

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