Mulshi Pattern – माझा पॅटर्नचं वेगळायं

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… माझा पॅटर्नचं वेगळायं – Mulshi Pattern.

Movie -Mulshi Pattern
Director – Pravin Vitthal Tarde
Star cast – Sunil Abhyankar, Om Bhutkar, Kshitish Date, Dipti Dhotre, and Malvika Gaekwad
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue – Pravin Vitthal Tarde
Producer – Punit Balan, Kiran Dagade Patil
Music – Abhijeet Bhosale
Cinematography – Narendra Bhide


Story: After his father, Sakharam Patil ( Mohan Joshi ) blows off the money they get from selling off their ancestral land. This leads to financial crunch leading his son to walk the path of crime, so what goes the next is interesting.


The movie starts with an aerial view of Pune city and the surrounding villages. The narrator describes this scene as the city is ‘spreading like an amoeba’. This film revolves around a theme where the farmers from Mulshi taluka sold their lands during the 1990s and early 2000s. The story talks about Pune and the state but these situations are often seen in other states. When farmers are compelled to sell of their lands in peanut costs to mighty businessmen who exploit them for their own interests.

Originally into farming, the Patil family is forced to live with insufficient amount of money after Mohan Joshi sells off large stretches of his land only to blow off the money he makes from it. The Patil family is forced to migrate to Pune owing to their financial constraints and take up residence in a slum. The only income coming was from Patil’s small-time job working as builder Shinde’s (Ajay Purkar) watchman. Patil also takes on the task of loading and unloading goods. Frustrated with the life his family is living, Rahul (Om Bhutkar) gets involved in a crime. This brings him into contact with a notorious gangster (Pravin Tarde), a man with immense clout. And thus begins Rahul’s never-ending journey through the underworld. But how far will he go?

Mulshi Pattern

Om Bhutkar proves his acting expertise once again while veterans Mohan Joshi and Mahesh Manjrekar – महेश मांजरेकर as farmers, who have made the mistake of selling their lands, have put their best foot forward. Upendra Limaye (who plays a cop) and Ajay Purkar deserve a special mention for pulling off their roles with sheer perfection. Director Pravin Vitthal Tarde makes an impact in his on-screen role. The rowdy track ‘Aa Ra Ra Ra’ is perfect and has gained a lot of popularity.

A wonderfully scripted and directed movie giving a reality check about the situations prevailing in our society. Mulshi Pattern is an interesting attempt that deserves to be watched.


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